Aspects to Consider when Closing a Merger in Venezuela

Venezuela is currently going through a very complex situation in which the climate for doing business has become difficult for all parties involved in any part of the economic process. The regulatory burden for entities doing business in the country is very high, and companies are required to be registered, keep in place records and… Read More

Banking Regulation in India – In The Midst of A Paradigm Shift or Regulator Interrupted?

Since 2014, India has seen a spate of changes centred on improving the banking regulatory environment in India and trimming the proverbial “fat” in the system. To its credit, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) identified the upcoming crisis on non-performing assets (NPAs) in the banking system, and compelled Indian banks to recognise and to… Read More

It’s No Secret. Laws Combating Wage Secrecy Are Here to Stay

“Bob, don’t talk about your wages at work, please.” “Fred, don’t ask about the wages of other employees, please.” “John and Susan, don’t compare your salaries, please.” Any of these statements by an employer could get the employer into deep legal trouble.  Telling employees not to discuss their wages can subject employers to lawsuits in… Read More

The Evidence of hackers

Most law firms believe the challenges they face set them apart from the industry at large – and this is largely correct. The phrase ‘time is money’ perhaps doesn’t ring as true for other businesses as it does for the legal sector.  When every minute is clocked, it is important that business processes run smoothly… Read More

Recreational Marijuana's Economic Advantages

As Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes has famously touted, marijuana prohibition and the war on drugs has failed.[1] Evidence does not suggest that the War on Drugs reduced drug-use rates or drug dependency.[2] At any given time, there are at least 137,000 men or women locked in prison or held in jail on drug possession… Read More

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