Consumer Protection

GDPR and the effect on data breaches

The Information Commissioner’s office have now confirmed that the UK will have to enact the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by May 2018 given this implementation date will occur before the expiry of the two year period from the giving of the UK’s Article 50 notice to leave the EU. The introduction of the GDPR… Read More

Brexit and UK Consumer Law

Introduction The seismic shift in British politics signalled by the referendum decision on 23 June 2016 is likely to have far-reaching legislative consequences in the UK. In the event that the new Conservative government negotiates a ‘clean break’ from the EU (i.e. an arrangement not involving membership of the EEA), the UK will be faced… Read More

Forced Conversion of Consumer Loans in Croatia – Care About Consumers or Just a New Issue?

In expectation of parliament elections, Croatian financial market and its participants experienced a dynamic end of 2015 with the latest amendments to the Consumer Lending Act and the Credit Institutions Act. The amendments introduced a legal framework for forced conversion of loans denominated in CHF („CHF Loans“) and loans denominated in HRK and indexed to… Read More

Will the Panama Papers finally teach law firms about cybersecurity?

It was recently revealed that the data leak from Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca was caused by an outsider who was able to capitalise on vulnerabilities in old-fashioned technology. This is not unique or a surprise, but actually a common occurrence. Law firms around the world are constantly under attack from hackers, undoubtedly because they… Read More

Take Two Pills and Call Your Lawyer in The Morning: Consumers Allege They Were Misled by The Makers of COLD-FX

The makers of COLD-FX might be feeling a little under the weather after appearing in the BC Superior Court to further respond to allegations that untrue representations and omissions induced consumers to purchase the drug product that was ineffective at providing “immediate relief” and therefore “worthless” if taken in accordance with the representations.   The case… Read More

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