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Legal firms in the Hackers Crosshairs

Despite a media backdrop of breaches and compromises, Legal organisations are not automatically a target for hackers. That does not mean they are exempt, just there needs to be sufficient motivation to threat actors enticing them to launch a virtual raid. This first article, of a two-part series, looks at why some Legal firms may… Read More

Why legal firms must embrace technology

The legal sector is currently in a state of flux. Research[1] has shown law firms are aware technology must be embraced to meet their full growth potential but very few have taken the plunge and tackled this issue head on. It’s worrying there are legal firms which haven’t realised the benefit of embracing the latest… Read More

Brexit and its affect on Intellectual Property

The Brexit outcome to the UK’s referendum on EU membership has no immediate effect on intellectual property in the UK – EU laws remain (pun not intended) in effect until such time as Article 50 notification is made by the UK and the consequent 2 year negotiation period ends (unless extended by agreement of the… Read More

The Importance of Innovation: Why Law Firms Need to Evolve

As technology has become embedded in our daily lives and society has become more fast paced, our expectations on service and responsiveness have changed dramatically. In a world where customers now expect businesses to respond to their emails in just one hour[1], it’s essential that companies are evolving their offer to stay relevant, gain competitive advantage… Read More

Valuing a Component Technology of an Integrated Manufacturing Process

Valuing a technology that is part of a bundle of integrated technologies used in a manufacturing process presents additional challenges beyond those encountered when appraising a stand-alone technology. This additional complexity requires significant experience and judgment to properly apply current valuation best practices and conclude an appropriate and supportable value. Introduction The valuation of developing… Read More

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