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Everything You Need to Know About Employment Lawyers in Los Angeles

By and large, the employment law in the US is state-specific, which means hiring a lawyer specializing in the domain must be well-versed about the rules and regulations relating to employment in the state is vital. On the other hand, the legal terminology is critically tough to understand, which is where employment lawyers in Los… Read More

Can i sue my employer for wrongful termination

What’s more, in the event that it turns out you were terminated wrongfully or unjustifiably, your next question would be whether or not you have the right to sue to seek adequate damages under the Labor Law of UAE. Best of Lawyers of Dubai consider it as “arbitrary dismissal” in cases where the employer to lay… Read More


  Employers often question how they can avoid the impact and expenses associated with defending against claims raised by employees for misconduct in the workplace.  The employer wants to take employment action against an employee but hesitates to do so because of the risk of costly litigation for a claim of wrongful termination.  When a… Read More

Current Hot Topics in UK Employment Law

Current hot topics in UK employment law What a difference the Brexit vote has already made. This time last year we were anticipating, with some certainty, various employment-related proposals from an established government. Now, what lies ahead is much less predictable, given a different prime minister, the prospect of Brexit and renewed calls for increased… Read More

Are personal injury lawyers ‘more sinned against than sinning’?

Jonathan Wheeler looks at the barrage of reforms facing the personal injury sector in England & Wales Personal injury lawyers in the UK have a bad press. If you believe all you read, you would be forgiven for thinking that the courts are awash with fraudulent claims, and so-called fat cat solicitors are preying on… Read More

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