Energy and Natural Resources

Gas Regulations of Bangladesh

The Gas Act, 2010 (“the Gas Act” or “the Act”) has been passed to regulate the transmission, distribution, marketing, supply and storage of natural gas and liquid hydrocarbon in the land territory of Bangladesh and in its determined sea boundaries and economic zones. The Act has been enacted in Bangla language and no official English… Read More

Waste-to-Energy in Vietnam

The treatment of municipal solid waste (“MSW”) is difficult for local authorities.  Thanks to the development of new technologies, however, MSW is becoming a serious source of renewable energy.  Vietnam began to shape its regulations and policies to develop solid waste power plants (“SWPP”) in 2012. Several investment incentives and favorable policies have now been… Read More

Contaminated Lands in Italy

Albeit the “polluter pays” principle regime, the innocent owner is still in an uncomfortable position in our Country.  A way to the future. Most of the queries posed principally by international investors to corporate and environmental lawyers when analysing the risks of a transaction involving contaminated lands in Italy, relates to the concrete application of… Read More

The rise of Solar Power in the Netherlands

Introduction Solar power is booming in the Netherlands. In the past years the number of Photovoltaics power (“Solar PV”) has increased tremendously. The Statistics Netherlands has estimated that the total amount of Solar PV has increased from 90 Mw in 2010 to 1048 Mw in 2014.[1] It is expected that the amount of Solar PV will… Read More

The Curious Attraction of Israel to Foreign Law Firms

For a foreign law firm, Israel is no easy market to crack. Israel is the ‘Lawyers’ Nation’, a country which boasts 126 lawyers per capita, with no signs of a slowdown. Imagine: for every couple of public buses that goes past, there’s one lawyer. Attend a ball game? Probably three dozen lawyers in the stands.… Read More

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