Fraud & White Collar Crime

Flag it Up – How can solicitors work to identify and tackle the risk of money laundering in the UK?

Organised crime costs the UK more than £24 billion each year – that’s £1 a day per citizen. The fact that criminals are using the services of legal professionals in order to try to hide the origins of their illicit funds is nothing new, but there are important questions that solicitors must ask themselves to… Read More

The political vendettas of sovereign states: Djibouti v Boreh

In recent years, the English courts have seen a number of claims by sovereign states against former public figures alleging bribery, corruption and other crimes. Although the facts of these disputes usually have little to do with England or English law, proceedings in England are popular both to take advantage of our respected legal system… Read More

The Right to Information Act No. 12 of 2016 of Sri Lanka

The fight for responsible accountability, good governance which is against corruption can only be strengthened if the information held by responsible authorities is more readily available. The result of relaxing the obstructing tight mechanisms that prevent the access of information would create a more transparent system of administration. It is remarkable and broadly accepted by… Read More

New Corporate Offense of Failure to Prevent Economic Crime – The Winds of Change?

In May 2012, the Ministry of Justice consultation paper on deferred prosecution agreements (DPAs) identified the difficulties that prosecutors in the UK face with the law of corporate criminal liability and stressed that more needed to be done. Historically, corporate criminal liability in the UK has been difficult to successfully prosecute. The “identification principle” in… Read More

Why Corruption Looks Set to Rise On the Corporate Agenda

Corporate agendas are driven by reactive and proactive considerations. Reactive policies are particularly susceptible to what is on the press agenda, and corruption is certainly one such item at the moment. The international media abounds with coverage of emerging and escalating graft investigations, from the revelations relating to the hitherto obscure Monaco-based broker Unaoil, to… Read More

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