Growing Demand for Warranty & Indemnity Insurance in Danish M&A Transactions

Until recently, warranty & indemnity insurance (W&I insurance) was only rarely used in Danish M&A transactions but due to faster underwriting processes and lower insurance premiums, we see a tendency towards an increased use of W&I insurance. W&I insurance covers the economic loss suffered by a company where the warranties and indemnifications given in connection… Read More

Possession Is Still 9/10ths Of The Law

The Superior Court has released a decision dealing with whether an owner of an ATV can be held vicariously liable for a driver’s negligence, even though no consent was given to operate the vehicle. In Fernandes v Araujo, Fernandes was seriously injured while a passenger on an ATV. The ATV was owned by Carlos Almeida… Read More

Texas Federal Court Clarifies Broad Scope Of Professional Liability Policies For Lawyers

Lawyers may be surprised to learn that lawsuits brought by clients challenging something other than purely legal advice or advocacy—such as billing—may not be covered by their professional liability policies. Interpreting the phrases “professional services” and “legal services” in such policies narrowly, courts in some jurisdictions—including Texas—have historically limited professional liability coverage to claims based… Read More

In-Patient Hospitalization And "Minimum Value" Under The ACA

HIGHLIGHTS: The IRS, DOL and HHS issue guidance on calculating minimum value under the Affordable Care Act for plans not offering substantial coverage for in-patient hospitalization or physician services. Employers need to review plans for hospitalization and related physician care services and reassess whether their plans provide “minimum value.” The Patient Protection and Affordable Care… Read More

Appraisal Of Insurance Losses And The "Actual" Definition Of "Actual Cash Value"

Imagine a devastating fire renders your rental property uninhabitable. You dig out your insurance policy and are relieved to find that you are insured up to the “actual cash value” of the building. But what exactly does this phrase mean? The Wisconsin Court of Appeals recently grappled with this question in Coppins v. Allstate Indem.… Read More

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