Guide to International Patent Protection

International patent protection has been gaining popularity over the years. Now more than ever, intangible assets such as patents have never been more important. As businesses continue to expand their market reach, patent protection has been one of the most important assets that jump-start their success abroad. It is worth noting, however, that the journey… Read More

Coronavirus impact on Employee Rights

The coronavirus pandemic has had unprecedented impacts on employees’ rights, including the right to health and safety in the workplace and the right to be paid. If you have been unfairly dismissed or your wages have been cut because you have refused to attend an unsafe workplace, read our more detailed article here. Despite employers… Read More

What is the Importance of Maritime Law in 2020?

Maritime law is a collection of laws and understandings that control and exercise the seas. The locale of law manages how people collaborate and cooperate on the waters of the world. Called the admiral’s office law, maritime law basically regulates practices on international waters. Regardless, there are extra laws that apply to the waters in and… Read More

Think Before Spreading Rumours About Corona Virus In UAE

On the basis of the International Health Regulations, all signatory countries are responsible for co-operating and supporting each other by share legit information regarding the virus. Although, there are reports of recovery from this virus, it is essential to protect oneself as it can be potentially fatal to your health. The Wuhan-nCov is a sort… Read More

Tips on new Foreign Direct Investment Law

Lawyers of Dubai believe that the right step in a positive direction to enhance UAE’s economy in the international market. The introduction of 100% ownership in several business sectors for on-shore entities is a significant decision to stride towards positioning UAE as the hub for international investors. Understanding the Law According to Article 6 of the… Read More

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